Blue pill 15

The fourth blue pill 15 of the Canadian police drama Rookie Blue starring Missy Peregrym, Ben Bass and Gregory Smith premiered on May 23, 2013 on Global in Canada. On June 26, 2012 ABC and Global announced that the show was renewed once again for a fourth season just three episodes into its previous season. On March 21, 2013 ABC and Global announced the season premiere would be May 23, 2013. Priscilla Faia and Rachael Ancheril joined the main cast, whilst former main cast member Melanie Nicholls-King returned as a recurring guest star.

blue pill 15

Andy and Nick return from their undercover mission to find everyone has kept going, both personally and professionally. The biggest surprise for Andy is that Sam has now been promoted to detective and has a new love interest. It’s the first day back on the job for Andy and Nick as they adjust back to their old lives. Andy ends up working with Sam and tries to put the past behind her as they deal with a bank robbery. Nick tries to get back in Gail’s good graces and gets some advice from a citizen he helps. Meanwhile, Frank has a surprise for Noelle. Andy has to learn to work with a new partner, Officer Marlo Cruz, who also happens to be Sam’s new girlfriend. This causes tension between the two women as they are dealing with an emotionally unstable woman. Andy and Gail come across a teenage boy tied up and locked in a trunk in a routine highway search. They must deal with a young-love-gone-wrong situation.

Swarek, Oliver and Chris track a gunman who shot a sixteen-year-old boy and who might have gang connections and Swarek has to convince him that revenge isn’t the answer. Andy and Marlo have an out of control drug arrest, which leads to the discovery of a deadly bacteria in the drugs, which turns into a city wide outbreak, which Sam tries to control. The two ladies are stuck in a decontamination process and quarantine, when Marlo reveals a big secret about herself. Dov and Chloe’s new romance is off to a rocky start when Dov thinks she’s hiding something. Detective Luke Callaghan returns to help with a possible copycat kidnapping, one that brings back bad memories of Jerry’s death for, Sam, Gail and Traci. Sam and Andy end up working together, finally admitting to each other the real reason for their break up. Charlie’s personal life isn’t what it seems and makes Sam rethink his career. Frank and Noelle’s wedding has arrived and everyone at 15 Division is celebrating.

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blue pill 15

Things don’t go as planned, when a casino bus is robbed, the bride is missing, and Andy and Nick share an intimate moment. Chris Diaz returns to the 15 Division and his son is kidnapped under Nick and Andy’s care. While everyone is searching for baby Christian, Diaz discovers a secret that might tear his family apart for good and Sam finds out about Nick and Andy’s new relationship.

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