Erectile dysfunction pills that work

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erectile dysfunction pills that work

In only seven days of eating raw and also raw vegetables the tingling feeling inside of my feet has subsided enormously. This material must not be used for commercial purposes, or in any hospital or medical facility. Failure to comply may result in legal action. ED, or impotence, is when you cannot get or keep an erection for sexual activity. What increases my risk for ED? Your healthcare provider will ask about your symptoms, medical history, and medicines. He or she will examine your abdomen, penis, and testicles. A rectal exam may also be done to check for an enlarged prostate. Blood and urine tests are done to check for medical conditions that may have caused your ED. You may also need tests to check your blood flow and nerve function.

Treatment depends on the cause of your ED. ED medicines help you have an erection. These medicines are taken before you have sex. Follow instructions on how to use these medicines. You may have a life-threatening reaction if you mix ED medicines with medicines that contain nitrates. Medicines with nitrates include nitroglycerin and other heart medicines. Testosterone may be given to increase the levels in your blood and improve your ED. You may need to use a skin cream or wear a patch. Testosterone is also given as an injection.

Penis injections may be done to help improve your blood flow. A vacuum device is a tube that is placed over the penis. A hand pump is connected to the tube and acts as a vacuum. This may help increase blood flow to the penis. Therapy may be needed to treat emotional or relationship problems that may be causing your ED. Surgery may be recommended if other treatments do not work. Surgery includes a penile implant or prosthesis. Surgery may also be done to improve blood flow.

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erectile dysfunction pills that work

Ask for more information about surgeries for ED. How can I decrease my risk for ED? Smoking can increase your risk for ED. Nicotine and other chemicals in cigarettes and cigars can also cause lung damage. Ask your healthcare provider for information if you currently smoke and need help to quit. E-cigarettes or smokeless tobacco still contain nicotine.

Control your blood sugar levels if you have diabetes. Over time, high blood sugar levels can increase your risk for ED. Men should limit alcohol to 2 drinks a day. Eat a variety of healthy foods and stay physically active. They can help control conditions that may cause ED. Learn ways to relax, such as deep breathing, meditation, and listening to music. They increase your risk for ED. When should I call my doctor? You have chest pain, dizziness, or nausea after you take ED medicines or during or after sex.

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